Trump’s Legal Team: Holding the President Accountable “Serious” Attack on Americans


The legal team of US President Donald Trump has argued that the Senate’s scheduled trial on Tuesday violates the constitution, an attempt to interfere with elections this year.

The team said in a document published last night that the two articles of accountability do not contain any actual crimes, and that Trump was acting within the limits of his position as president.

The Trump defense team stated that the whole process is nothing more than a serious attack on the American people and their fundamental right to vote.

“We are standing on a strong legal basis. The president made no mistake and we believe that this will prove to be correct during this process,” Reuters quoted one of three sources close to Trump’s legal team as telling reporters at a conference call on the contents of the document.

On the other hand, the Democratic lawmakers who will act as plaintiffs during the trial submitted a legal memo that responded to Trump’s accusations, saying they are acting in accordance with the constitution.

They argued that Trump’s request for foreign interference in the elections to ensure his own political success was the reason why the framers of the Constitution gave Congress the power to dismiss a corrupt president.

Prosecutors said the accusations against Trump are compatible with the requirements of high treason, bribery or other major crimes and misdemeanors provided for in the founding document.

Trump is accused of abusing his position by pressuring Ukraine to push it to investigate his political rival, Joe Biden, former US vice president, and obstruct Congress in his investigation of the case.

Trump chose his legal team from the most prominent and famous lawyers to represent him and strengthen his position in his trial before the Senate.

Trump joined the defense team, independent legal advisor Ken Starr, who was known to be preparing for the trial procedures of former President Bill Clinton in 1998, and the famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who pleaded for the OJ Simpson trial.

The choice of the White House for these two names reflects a desire to exonerate Trump and achieve victory in the media war that must affect the course of the upcoming presidential elections.

The team is being led by White House counselor Pat Sepulon, while the prosecution and defense will deliver their opening speech next Tuesday on Trump’s indictment.