Trump: Democrats seek election victory through accountability issue


US President Donald Trump has criticized Democrats for wasting time on “nonsense” as the House of Representatives moves forward to hold the president accountable.

Trump launched a series of tweets in which he attacked Democrats, saying: “Democrats should focus on building our country, not wasting everyone’s time in nonsense.”

“That’s what they’ve been doing since I was overwhelmingly elected in 2016,” he said.

Trump responds to Pelosi
At the same time, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to focus on the Democrats’ attention to some social issues such as cutting drugs to soften Trump’s remarks.

“As accountability goes on, Democrats want to work with Trump to lower drug prices,” she said.

But Trump replied: “Nancy has just said that she is interested in cutting drugs and working for the trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, but she is not able to work with either issue.”

Try to disguise
The president added: “It is an attempt to disguise the election victory through the issue of accountability.” He described Democrats as “mired in the mud.”

The White House has questioned any cooperation with Democrats as the impeachment proceeds. Pelosi spoke at a news conference on Wednesday.