Trump again reminds ISIS .. “Don’t let them escape”


US President Donald Trump has repeatedly stressed the need not to allow ISIS to flee, saying that his country retains the toughest.

He called on Turkey and the Kurds, not to allow the escape of detainees from members of the terrorist organization in northeastern Syria.

“The United States keeps the worst of ISIS prisoners. Turkey and the Kurds should not allow them to flee,” he wrote in a tweet on Sunday night. One of them gets here. “

Failed to move Information Treasure
The New York Times, citing two US officials, said Washington had failed to transfer about 50 key ISIS members detained by the Kurds because of the Turkish military operation. The officials said the group had valuable information.

It is noteworthy that Trump had announced a few days ago that his country deported from Syria two of the most dangerous elements of ISIS from a cell known as the Beatles, Alexander Kuti and Shafi’i Sheikh, who were transferred to Iraq