The United Arab Emirates has delivered its first aid to the Republic of Somaliland. and an anti-Covid 19 device.


United Arab Emirates to be the first government to provide medical assistance to prevent COVID infection 19

The United Arab Emirates Government has delivered its first aid to the Republic of Somaliland in the early hours of this morning at Egal International Airport. landed on UAE cargo plane from UAE,
as well as medical supplies containing drugs and tools to prevent Covid’s disease 19.

The Ministers of Finance, Health, Religious and Extremist Affairs spoke on the occasion of the delivery of medical supplies by the United Arab Emirates to become the first government of Somaliland to provide medical assistance, a time when the nations of the world have left to help. refuses to leave health facilities in their country.

The ministers thanked the UAE government for its assistance.
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced that it is aware of a time when the UAE government is supplying Somaliland with the world governments looting the equipment.