The difference between eating fruits or making juice


People believe that drinking natural fruit juice is good for health, especially when they avoid adding sugar, but it is not as effective as we expect, because this habit is not harmless. it has a problem.

According to American researcher and health expert Christopher Bird, eating fruit regularly, that is, it is healthier when the fruit is mashed or juice, it is much better than drinking the juice, even if it is soft and well squeezed.

He explained that drinking juice is worse in health than eating fruit, because it contains sugar, and it is harmful to juices that are added to sugar, even those that are not added to sugar, the expert said.

Some may find it difficult to understand this, especially since the juice source itself is fruitful, but the expert explains why there are differences in nutritional and health values.

The researcher, who worked at the University of Texas, said the skin and pulp of the fruit contained important nutrients such as fiber, which are important for the body’s ability to get rid of waste products.

So, when a person eats fruit, the food fibers in the fruit pulp, that is, the solid cells, work to control the natural sugar, along the pathway through the digestive system.

on the other hand, the natural sugar in the fruit is absorbed, for a long time, to convert it into useful energy.

On the other hand, drinking fruit juice causes a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, so this level is higher than the body needs.

When this happens quickly, the body makes insulin, a large amount of sugar is converted into fat and glycogen.

As sugar builds up in the body at this fast pace, the person will become more hungry and, therefore, will eat more food.

Experts say that people suffering from hypoglycemia may experience headaches and itching after drinking the juice, while these symptoms do not appear when eating fruit.

In a study published in the American journal Clinical Nutrition, which specializes in nutritional nutrition, an experiment was conducted to determine the difference between drinking juice and eating whole grains.

But when you add sugar to juice or maybe too much cream and milk, it gets worse for the health conditions we are talking about.