Pelosi returns to Trump speech storm … “That’s why I tore it apart”


Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, once again, returned to the incident that 12 days ago caught the attention of local and international media, explaining why she tore up the text of US President Donald Trump’s speech.

She said in an interview with “CNN” broadcast later that she was not planning to rip her copy of the State of the Union speech on the fourth of February, but after reading it she saw it as “terrible”, according to her description, and wanted to draw the attention of the media to his rejection.

She also stressed: “I had no prior intention to do so, but after reading a third of the speech, I saw that it was terrible, for every page of it is rejected.”

Moreover, she attributed this behavior to her endeavor to attract the attention of the media, saying, “If you want to attract the attention of the press, you should draw their attention, so I tore up the letter to indicate that it was not true.”

Tense after refusing to shake hands
Trump had refused to shake hands with Pelosi, due to his trial in the Senate, prior to his speech on the union, which caused the latter’s resentment.

In an act with indications of the depth of tension between the two opponents, after Trump deliberately ignored him to shake her hand during her delivery of an official copy of his speech, she later tore off the papers.

It is noteworthy that the tearing up of the speech by Pelosi, was met with a storm of criticism from Republicans, who criticized the Speaker of the House of Representatives, considering that it diminished the respect of the American soldiers mentioned in it, as it violated the laws and customs followed years ago.

Trump commented on this behavior days later, saying that tearing up the rhetoric is illegal and violating US laws.

As for the trial of Trump’s removal, Pelosi told CNN: “Trump can say that he was acquitted after the Senate dropped the two charges against him on the issue of his dismissal, but he will remain accused forever.” She explained: “There can be no innocence unless there is a trial, and there can be no trial without witnesses and documents. Therefore, Trump can say that he won the patent, and the media can also claim that he won the patent, but he will remain accused forever ..”