Message to the Emir of Qatar: Keep your money and terrorist promoters out of Somalia


Many Somalis accuse Qatar of having “invisible” hands to invest and manipulate recent crises in their country, including a former UN official.

Professor Kenan, a former retired UN official who has worked in Africa, Asia and Europe, sent an open letter to the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, published on the independent Somali news website, caasimada.

The former UN official accused the Somali government of besieging the people of the Republic of Jubaland with Qatari approval, saying that the government controls Dubaland with the support and blessing of Doha.

The text of the letter is as follows:
His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani,

I am writing to convey a message from the people of the besieged Republic of Jubaland in Somalia. Have you heard of the brutal blockade imposed by the rogue government in Mogadishu on the people of Jubaland, the government that controls my country with your support and blessing? Have you received the news of the human tragedy unfolding in the Republic of Jopaland? What did the poor and vulnerable in Gopaland do for you and your country to deserve such a brutal and brutal assault on their humanity and their dignity at the hands of agents of the Al Thani ruling family in Mogadishu?

Your Highness, since you imposed a boycott two years ago on your country from your Arab neighbors and your former allies, you and your envoys have been roaming around the world to protest against the decision of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt to punish and isolate your country. You’ve spent a lot of money buying premium PR services to put pressure on superpowers and influencers from global opinion makers, on your behalf and your country.

At the recently concluded UN General Assembly, you spoke clearly and enthusiastically about the hardships your people suffered following the Arab boycott of Qatar.

Conflict in the style of the rule of the Emir of Qatar ?!
Your Highness, how can you combine and reconcile the polar antibodies deeply rooted in your methods that are deeply rooted in your judgment? How can you strongly condemn and resist the isolation of your country by the Arab states while at the same time enabling your agents in Mogadishu to block people in Juba Land “suddenly and without warning” and from punishing poorer and more vulnerable people than ordinary Qatari ordinary? What are the gains made by the ruling Al-Thani family in depriving Gopaland’s children of vaccines that are critical to their health and development? How can you remain silent when known Qatari assets in Mogadishu use and deploy the money and military arsenal provided by your country to deprive the elderly, sick and nursing mothers of the medical care they urgently need? Are the children, the elderly and the mothers of Jubaland less humane than their Qatari counterparts? Do they not deserve respect for the fundamental human rights, freedoms and dignity that you adamantly and proudly proclaim to your people?

The people of Jopaland do not have the billions of dollars and huge investment assets that have allowed you to fly Holstein cows from Europe overnight, to ensure that Qatari families have milk for their children. But by the grace of Allah Almighty, they will survive the unjust and outrageous attack on their lives, livelihoods and dignity.

Qatar’s policy in Somalia is confusing
The current country position on Jopaland in particular and Somalia in general is very puzzling when one looks at the enlightened visions and generous contributions your small country has made towards world peace and sustainable development in recent years. In this regard, I would like to mention the Educate-A-Child program funded by Qatar.

As a former senior UN official, I have seen the positive impact of this program in Africa and Asia. In the case of Somalia, I was part of a team working on one of these projects implemented by UNESCO and UNICEF several years ago.

It is difficult to understand how a country capable of showing this generosity is allowed to be suddenly linked to those who are considered a predatory gang, seeking to recklessly gamble with my country’s sovereignty and the dignity of my people. How can a royal mind reconcile the temptation of a child with the blessings of education and subject the child himself to unimaginable insults, including debilitating levels of deprivation, and even hunger?

A reminder to the Qatari-Muhannadi businessman
Your Highness,

This modest open letter and howling protests that hit the intestines will not be complete without drawing your attention to the article published in the New York Times on July 22, 2019, which explains how your country has destabilized my country with weapons, money, and terrorism. The reputable newspaper has revealed in great detail and clear how far Qatar has gone to destroy the fragile peace in my country. The telephone conversation between Khalifa Kayed al-Muhannadi, a businessman who is said to be close to you, and your ambassador to Somalia clearly indicates that Qatar has a dirty hand in the deadly terrorist acts taking place in Somalia.

If this is true, it seems to confirm the serious accusation leveled by your Gulf rivals against the State of Qatar.

Financing dirty war
Your Highness,

You have every right to defend and defend the sovereignty and dignity of your country and people. But you have no right to finance the dirty war waged by the Mogadishu government against the people of Gopaland and Somalia as a whole.

The $ 385 million it has pledged to support the country’s education, infrastructure and humanitarian needs is likely to be used to support the Somali government’s routine intimidation, terror and repression mechanism against its own people. The same applies to 68 armored vehicles that I recently shipped to Mogadishu. Their signs are already visible in Jopaland. The enormous arsenal and large quantities of ammunition that the Qatar delegation promised to deliver to the Somali government during the Somali Partnership Forum, which concluded in Mogadishu yesterday, will either be used to suppress all forms of dissent or end up in the hands of al Shabaab.