Maduro is optimistic about negotiations with the opposition


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced that negotiations with the opposition in the eastern Caribbean country of Barbados have begun and hopes that they will produce concrete results.

“The start of talks with the Venezuelan opposition in the presence of representatives of the Norwegian government began on the island of Barbados, a very promising start, according to the reports provided by the head of our delegation after the start of negotiations today,” Maduro told state television on Monday.
Earlier, Venezuela’s Information and Communications Minister Jorge said
 Rodriguez said through Twitter that the government takes into account “the strong desire of the Venezuelan people to settle our political and social issues in full conformity with democratic standards and the provisions of our Constitution.”

Rodriguez also condemned the statements made by opposition leader Juan Guido, in which he said that his delegation was heading to negotiations aimed at “ending dictatorship”.

Earlier, Norway’s foreign ministry said government and opposition representatives in Venezuela had agreed to resume negotiations.