Macron: Turkish operation in northern Syria “mad”


Beegsonews- French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday called the Turkish military operation in northern Syria “crazy”, saying he had learned of the US withdrawal from Syria “in a tweet.”

“Like everyone, I learned in a tweet that the United States has decided to withdraw its troops,” Macron added.

Speaking in Brussels after a European Union summit, Macron said he wanted France, Germany and Britain to organize a meeting “in the coming weeks” with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Macron stressed that foreign fighters with ISIS who might flee detention centers in Syria and go to Iraq should be arrested and referred to trials there.

As for the fighters trying to go to France, Macron said, “there is no direct flight from the Syrian camps to Charles de Gaulle in Paris.”

Macron added that the French fighters in the ranks of ISIS, who may pass through Turkey on their way to France will be arrested and tried in France, according to a protocol of cooperation between France and Turkey.

Turkey launched its offensive against the YPG in Syria last week after President Donald Trump withdrew a US battalion, paving the way for the offensive, opening a new front in the eight-year war and forcing 200,000 civilians to flee.

Turkey agreed on Thursday to stop its offensive in Syria aimed at allowing Kurdish forces to withdraw from a “safe area” that Ankara wanted to control.