Lebanon burns and ignites the communication sites .. Videos bloody heart


Social networking sites could put out the fires that have filled them since Sunday evening and today, after videos and pictures explaining what is happening in Lebanon, which is burnt by fires, which resulted in human casualties.

Lebanon is from north to south these days under the influence of a heat wave, which began Sunday and continues to this day, due to the rise in temperatures to above-seasonal rates, and reached noon on Monday to about 40 degrees, according to the site of weather of lebanon through his account on the site ” Facebook”.

High temperatures led to fires in different parts of the country, and the wind also played a major role in the spread of fires and the destruction of large areas of land. Under the hashtag #LebanonFire, videos showing the size of the flames spread on social media.

In detail, a fire broke out at night in the Al-Mushrif area, which struck an area of ​​thousands of meters connected to a number of residential buildings and the Rafic Hariri University, and severe winds contributed to the spread of the fire and the loss of control.

The director of operations in the Lebanese Civil Defense, Elie Khairallah, said that the fire started in a small area, but later expanded to neighboring villages and to Rafic Hariri University.

Civil Defense: Fires will not extinguish quickly
In turn, the Civil Defense announced that it had carried out over the past three days more than 104 missions, between extinguishing fires, ambulance and rescue.

The Director General of the Lebanese Civil Defense Brigadier General Raymond Khattar told “Alarabiya.net” the fall of 5 of its members while trying to put out the fires since Monday and today.

He also stressed that the civil defense mechanisms, reinforced by elements, and supported by army units, and supported by air force helicopters, rushed to control the fires.

“We were able to extinguish nearly 70% of the fire, but the climatic factors of high temperature and wind speed fueled the fires,” he said.

Brigadier-General Khattar pointed out that the civil defense elements worked to evacuate many houses in the area of ​​Mushrif so as not to reach the fire, pointing out that it is not possible to predict the date of extinguishing fires because climatic factors do not help in this.

Mines present and “interior” mobilizes
Interior Minister Raya al-Hassan, who visited the fire zone, confirmed that an army raft intervened to put out the fire in the area where there was no high tension, and explained that the area is full of mines and for this reason was very cautious during the fire.

The Minister of Defense, Elias Bou Saab, said that two Cypriot planes will arrive in Lebanon to contribute to the task of extinguishing the fire in Mushrif under the guidance of Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

The fires spread in Brih, Fuwara and Kfarhim, and other fires erupted at night in the towns of Akkara due to heat and wind.

Also in the town of Qobayat, the fire devoured an area of ​​land of grassland, and the work of civil defense elements in the center of the Qobayat to extinguish. Another fire broke out in the lands of Al-Sindiyan Al-Akkari town, which struck land and spread over an area of ​​oak trees. In the territory of the town of Ain Tinta, fire burned dry grass and olive trees.

In the south, a large fire broke out at dawn on Tuesday in the lands of Saffariya town in Jezzine area. The Ghajar until Abbasid, elements of UNIFIL, the Lebanese army and the Civil Defense worked to extinguish it. In the town of Arai, Jezzine district, a fire broke out, killing about 7 dunums of oak and other trees.