Johnson “succumbs” to Brexit postponement


Beegsonews – Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed on Thursday morning not to block a text calling for a new postponement of the UK’s exit date from the European Union.

The Labor parliamentary bloc, the largest opposition party, wrote in a tweet on Twitter that the Johnson government “pledged” to allow the text to pass “at all stages” in the House of Lords on Thursday and Friday, and “back Monday to the House of Commons for other possible amendments.”

Opponents of Brexit without agreement were particularly concerned that Johnson’s allies would try to slow the text’s progress by prolonging the debate.

Any request for a new postponement should be approved by all 27 EU Member States.

The House of Commons voted on Wednesday night against a memorandum put forward by the Prime Minister for early legislative elections on 15 October, after which he hopes to obtain a new coherent majority, allowing him to move freely before the European summit to be held on 17 and 18 October in Brussels.

The memorandum won the support of 298 deputies, less than a two-thirds majority, which would allow it to be adopted in the House of Commons. Labor MPs abstained in the vote.
Johnson said during a heated debate in the House of Commons that Labor leader Jeremy Corbin “will enter the democratic history of our country as the first opposition leader to refuse to participate in elections.”

Above all, the Labor opposition wants to make sure that the proposed law against Brexit without an agreement will be adopted, removing the specter of a harsh separation with the EU.

However, the Labor Party could submit a no-confidence motion in order to bring down the Johnson government.

Hours before the lawmakers torpedoed Johnson’s plans to leave the EU on October 31 with or without an agreement, by a 28-vote majority that would require Johnson to request a three-month postponement of Brexit, unless an agreement regulating divorce between London and Brussels was reached by then.

On Tuesday, the British prime minister lost an absolute majority in the House of Commons as one conservative lawmaker defected and 21 others were excluded from the party after they voted against Lee’s arm.