India records a “daily high” in Corona deaths


The death toll from the emerging coronavirus in India rose by nearly two thousand in one day, bringing the total to 11,903 deaths in this giant country in South Asia, according to new official figures announced Wednesday.

This rise is partly due to a review of figures in Bombay, the worst hit city by the epidemic, with 832 deaths added to the daily toll due to “gaps” in the census of victims.

For its part, recorded the capital, New Delhi, where the health situation deteriorates 400 deaths in the past 24 hours, according to “AFP.”

The official death toll in India on Tuesday was 9900, and this census is less than reality, but it is still far from the major human toll recorded in Europe or the United States.

Faced with the difficult economic situation, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to lift in early June the strict isolation measures imposed since the end of March, but some restrictions remain in place.

The isolation measures have been lifted while the epidemic is still spreading in the countries that are recording about 11 thousand new cases confirmed daily, and so far they have counted about 354,065 cases.

Faced with the severity of the health crisis, Tamil Nadu, the south of the country and one of the hardest hit states with New Delhi and Maharashtra, decided to close the regional capital, Chennai, in the second half of June.

It is worth noting that health experts believe that the epidemic has not yet reached its climax in India, which indicates the possibility of more cases being recorded in the coming days.