In the inventory account .. Teresa May regrets to make mistakes


British Prime Minister Teresa May said in an interview published yesterday that she regretted allowing too much polarization over Britain’s exit from the European Union (BRICC) and avoiding televised debates ahead of a disastrous early election in 2017.

May resigned from the ruling Conservative Party leadership last month after she conceded defeat in a two-year battle to persuade parliament to agree to an agreement she reached with the European Union to get Britain out of the bloc. She told the right-leaning Daily Mail newspaper:

“I did everything I could to finish it. I was ready to sit down with (Leader of the opposition Labor Party) Jeremy Corbin and I was ready to sacrifice the premiership and give up my job. ” “I mistakenly assumed that the difficult part of the negotiations was with the European Union and that the British parliament would accept the vote of the British people (in the 2016 Brikst referendum) and that it would be over and the people who had spent a long time would vote for Brixt to get us out, but they did not.”

May acknowledged that she had to do more to stop the “polarization between the language of smooth exit and the harsh exit from the European Union” which divided the parties of conservatives and workers, as well as British voters. Mai said she regretted refusing to participate in televised debates before a disastrous early election in 2017.

“I had to have television debates. I did not do it because I saw it stifle the campaign of David Cameron, “referring to her conservative predecessor while he was prime minister who resigned after the loss of the referendum.