Huawei sold a million phone “mate 30” in 3 hours


The US government ban on Huawei and trying to prevent it from dealing with Google has put the recent flagship phone of the Chinese phone company “Mate 30” in a mysterious area.

But the giant Chinese company from Munich, Germany officially announced the launch of the new smartphone series, and its price has been announced in Europe.

However, there is no information on when the phones will go on sale, most likely, because Huawei wants to solve the problem of Google before the launch of the series of phones ” Mate 30 ” internationally.

In China, however, it is the usual business of Huawei, where the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro were put on sale last Thursday.

According to Huawei, one million units have been sold in just 3 hours.

Although the numbers announced by Huawei cannot be verified as a private company, the crowd images at the new flagship store of Shenzhen reveal long lines and overcrowding for those wishing to buy the device.

Moreover, inventory at Taobao, China’s online shopping site, is currently running out, and imported models from the ” Mate 30 ” are on sale in Hong Kong, an increase of 1,500 Hong Kong dollars, indications that supply demand is outstripping supply.
The sale of one million units in less than a week is very exciting, but perhaps not surprising given Huawei’s popularity in its home country, which only increased after the recent US drama, part of the Sino-US trade war. Huawei is being treated unfairly by the US administration, and thus want to show their support by showing national sentiment.

According to research firm Canales, Huawei shipped 37.3 million phones in China in the second quarter of this year, up 31 percent from 2018.

In fact, Huawei was the only brand that increased sales this year compared to the previous year in China, compared to sales of Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo this year compared to 2018 figures.