How are forced confessions extracted in Iran’s prisons? .. Activist reveals


Psychological warfare and a film-making project “.. With this phrase, Iranian civil activist Sepeda Qalyan started Saturday speaking on how to extract forced confessions from female prisoners protesting the mandatory veil in her country.

In tweets that Qalyan posted on Twitter, the activist revealed that the Iranian security services had broadcast a short video during which they accused Yasmine Ariani, Munira Arabshahi, Saba Kordafshari, his brush Dedini, and Majkan Kachwaraz, that they were receiving direct orders from the women’s rights activist called Christ Ali Ahmadinejad.

Qalyan confirmed that the interrogation process is not as it is usually known as asking questions and waiting for answers. Rather, the responsible investigator is working in such cases to destroy the reputation of the people who influence the ideology of the accused.

Then she added that during her detention in the Girgak prison, Ariani, Arabshahi, Kurds Afshari, Dedini, and Chachawars were transferred from the Revolutionary Guards’ solitary cells to the Girgak prison, after lengthy interrogations.