For the first time, the scent of “space smell” reveals an exciting secret


Have you ever thought about the smell of outer space? This exciting mind does not seem completely fictional now, as a new fragrance will provide you with a unique experience that smells like this while you are on your home on the floor.

The fragrance, called Space de Space, was developed by a chemist named Steve Pierce, who is the founder of Omega Ingredients, a company that focuses on “producing natural flavors and ingredients for the food and beverage industry”.

According to the CNN website, NASA contracted Pearce to produce the scent in 2008, and it took him years to develop it.

The main idea in producing the fragrance was to help astronauts train before setting off on their voyages, and was part of NASA’s plan to face any potential surprises that astronauts might encounter in outer space.

Peggy Whitson has previously been described as a pioneer

Space previously erected on the International Space Station, the smell of space being almost “like the smell of a pistol, immediately after shooting,” CNN reported.

“I think it kinda smells bitter, more like it smells like smoke and combustion,” said Whitson.

The perfume production director, Matt Richmond, revealed that he had struggled to describe the fragrance’s fragrance, adding: “Astronauts describe the scent as a mixture of gunpowder, burnt steak, berries and rum.”

Richmond also revealed that the next target of his group would be to launch a fragrance called “the smell of the moon”.