Dubai extends business closure until April 18


The Dubai Economy – in a statement on Twitter – said that the emirate, which is the commercial center of the UAE, has extended the closure of commercial activities until April 18, as part of efforts to contain the Corona virus.

The statement added that the activities excluded from the closure will continue to operate as normal during that period.

The Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management, in Dubai, had previously approved the extension of sterilization over 24 hours for a period of two weeks, renewable, starting at 8 pm today, Saturday, with strict measures taken to restrict movement in the emirate and legal accountability for violators.

Medical examinations will be intensified in areas where large numbers of people are present in all parts of the emirate to ensure that they are free from the (Covid-19) virus, while stressing the need for everyone to remain at home throughout that period.

Food outlets such as societies and supermarkets, as well as pharmacies, and orders to deliver food and medicine naturally continue to work.

Only one family member
The committee explained that all members of society (the general public) are allowed to go out to meet basic and necessary needs (food and health) from the outlets of selling food products (associations, supermarkets and groceries), when needed and that is limited to one family member, as well as health services such as (hospitals and clinics) Medical, pharmacies, and drug delivery orders) with full commitment to wearing masks and gloves to protect the same person

And others around him.

Likewise, by going out in medical cases related to the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

Dubai Metro stop
Meanwhile, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority announced that the metro service will be completely stopped from tomorrow, Sunday until further notice, and that public transport buses will be available free of charge during the period of comprehensive sterilization of the emirate, in order to serve those who are authorized to move during that period, in addition to granting Passengers who use taxis generally have a 50% discount on the value due to the fare.

Excluded vital sectors (exit hours: 24 hours)
Health services and medical staff (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies)
Food outlets (associations, supermarkets, and groceries)

  • Delivery services (food and medicine)
    Restaurants (only limited to delivery services)
    Supply chains for services and commodities
    Manufacturers and suppliers of medical materials and equipment
    Industrial sectors (necessary complementary industries)
    Electricity, water, gas and cooling stations
  • Telecommunications
  • media
    Ports, airports, freight and airlines
    Customs services and border crossings
    Public and Private Security Services
    Municipal services (sanitation, waste), and public and private cleaning services
    Government and private agencies involved in the fight against the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19)
    Public transportation: It includes taxis (buses) and buses (buses) with the stop of metro and tram stops.
  • Construction work, with the determination of permit controls from Dubai Municipality and the Permanent Committee for Workers Affairs in the Emirate of Dubai.