Corona Facts – How Many Recovered?


Anxiety is controlled by many as the number of coronavirus infections and deaths rises, but there are those who recover from it, and the numbers are not simple.

On Monday, Chinese media reported that the number of people who recovered from the Coruna virus was approximately one third of the number of infections recorded in mainland China.

The South China Morning Post reported that, according to official figures, 1846 people have finally been hospitalized in the country.

This brings the total who recovered in China from SK from 24,940 to noon on Monday.

So far, the total number of injuries in China has reached 97,359, while the number of deaths reached 2592, according to figures from the National Health Committee of China.

And the Chinese authorities in the southern province of Guangdong have lowered their alert level for the outbreak, amid signs that the deadly epidemic has been contained, according to Chinese media.

She pointed out that the province will adopt today the second degree of emergency response, after it followed the state of emergency from the first degree, which is the most severe levels of response to disasters and crises.

According to the World Health Organization, there is no specific treatment for the disease caused by the emerging coronavirus.

However, many of its symptoms can be treated, and therefore treatment depends on the patient’s clinical condition. Supportive care for infected people can be very effective.

Many companies around the world say they are currently testing drugs that may contribute to the treatment of the virus, which has spread to more than 30 countries, but has not yet been approved.