Canada .. Trudeau wins second term, although his party has lost the majority


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is poised to win a second term in Canada’s general election on Monday, although he lost the majority but unexpectedly achieved strong results despite a series of scandals that weakened him and tarnished his image as a liberal symbol.

Trudeau said the Canadians rejected division and passivity and elected a progressive agenda.

Trudeau’s Liberal Party was expected to win the largest number of seats in parliament, giving him the best chance to form a government. However, the liberals failed to achieve a majority, meaning they would have to rely on an opposition party to stay in power.

A number of Canadian television stations estimated that Liberals, led by Trudeau, will win the federal elections and will be able to form the next government.

According to the TVA and CTV channels, the Liberals will have 139 of the 338 seats in the Ottawa Parliament, followed by Andrew Cher’s conservatives with 99, meaning that the Liberals will be able to form a minority government.

According to preliminary official results, published by the Independent Electoral Commission, based on the counting of 18% of the vote that liberals led the elections in 145 out of 338 constituencies in Canada, compared to 106 for the Conservative Party.

To win a majority in the Ottawa Federal House of Commons, at least 170 seats are required.

Quebec secessionists are estimated to be third in the election with 33 seats, followed by the New Democratic Party (left) with 20.

These estimates were published as soon as polling stations were closed across the country covering six different time zones.