Can Vitamin C Defeat Corona Virus?


Doctors in China are studying the capabilities of Vitamin C to fight the emerging Coronavirus, which has spread to dozens of countries and infected more than 80,000 people and killed at least 3,000 people.

The world spends more than $ 1.1 billion on vitamin C supplements, and that number is expected to reach $ 1.4 billion by 2024.

This type of vitamins is known for its many health benefits, as it fights a common cold, enhances memory, eliminates poisoning, and strengthens mental health, as it is useful for combating infections and viruses such as influenza, as it enhances the immune response and contributes to the production of white blood cells, which combat diseases.

A study is underway in China to see if higher doses of Vitamin C can help fight corona.

Researchers at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, where the disease first appeared late last year, are testing its effects on 120 patients with the virus, while the results have not been released yet.

Mike Skinner, a virologist at Imperial College in London, said: “We do not currently know the ability of vitamin C to fight corona. Let’s find out the results of the study by the Chinese. They are doing an exciting experiment.”

The world is racing against time to discover an effective treatment against the deadly disease, while Pfizer, the drug manufacturer, said on Monday that it had identified some antiviral compounds that the company had developed and could discourage Corona.

The company said it hoped to get the results of the examination by the end of March, and to know if any of the vehicles succeeded, and “Pfizer” hopes to conduct tests on the vehicles by the end of the year.

Michael Dolston, chief scientific officer of Pfizer, was a drug company official who met US President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday.