CAMBRIDGE-ANALYTICA: Facebook is fined $ 5 billion because of a Violation of the privacy of millions of users


The Federal Trade Commission in the United States has decided to impose a $ 5 billion fine on Facebook to resolve the issue of violating the privacy of data users of the famous social networking site, according to American media.

The Commission investigated allegations of the use of Cambridge Analytics political consulting company 87 million users on the social networking site Facebook without their consent.

Sources told American media that the Commission voted in favor of Facebook fined this amount by 3 to 2.

Neither the Facebook nor the federal commission has commented on the matter so far.

How was the settlement?
The Federal Trade Commission launched an investigation into Facebook in March 2018 after reports showed that Cambridge Analytics had received data from tens of millions of users of the giant social networking site.
Investigations focused on whether Facebook violated the agreement in 2011, and the rules stipulate that users should be notified and “approved” when their data is shared with a third party.

An unidentified source told The Wall Street Journal last Friday that the Federal Trade Commission had agreed to a $ 5 billion fine after a vote, a result approved by Republicans while opposed by Democrats.
Other US media quoted statements from other sources as confirming information on the same resolution.

The scandal of “Cambridge Analytica”: The prosecution in Washington sues Facebook

This decision still requires several actions by the Civil Department of the US Department of Justice to be final, but it is not clear how long these measures will continue.

The federal commission or Facebook has yet to confirm the decision, but the giant has earlier expected the $ 5 billion fine it could face over the Cambridge scandal.

Once confirmed, this is the largest ever imposed by UNHCR on a technology firm.

What is the scandal of analtica Cambridge?
CAMBRIDGE ANALITICA – A British political consulting firm has managed to access data from millions of Facebook users, some of which are allegedly used to psychologically influence US voters and target them with material that will help Donald Trump in his campaign in 2016.

The company got the data via an application asking for answers to some online questions inviting users to social networking site to discover their personality type.

As was common in applications and electronic games at that time, they were not only designed to get user data only, but also their friends’ data.

Facebook said Cambridge Analytics had data of about 87 million users.

The scandal has opened many investigations around the world.

Facebook hacking scandal The 87 million users and Zuckerberg went to Congress Wednesday

Facebook acknowledged that Cambridge Analytics had data about 87 million users on its social networking site
In October, the Office of the British Information Commission fined Facebook $ 500,000 for its involvement in the Cambridge Analytic scandal and the “flagrant violation” of the law.

Canada’s privacy commission said earlier that Facebook had committed “serious breaches” of Canadian privacy laws.

Investors’ response to the decision to fined Facebook was $ 5 billion positive as they bought the company’s shares to rise 1.8 percent.

However, many Democratic congressmen criticized the fine decision, calling it “inappropriate”.

“There is a need for fundamental structural reforms,” ​​said Mark Warner, a US senator, to deal with what he called repeated privacy violations for Facebook.

“With the Federal Trade Commission’s inability or unwillingness to establish rules that guarantee data protection and privacy