Baghdadi’s head flew from him when he blew up his body in the tunnel


A video, apparently the first since an exchange of fire between US commandos and a number of ISIS operatives, was shown on Saturday evening with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a house where he was living in the northern Syrian town of Barisha. It seems that a neighbor of the house, his nickname, “Abu Mustafa,” recorded on his mobile phone what he heard in his house near 300 meters from the house where Baghdadi was, without knowing that what was going on is the liquidation of the first terrorist in The world, the neighbor furry the newspaper, which helped her to prepare a large investigation, which contains many details Dideh, especially video, as the video was released, “the Pentagon” section of the process, shown below, was silent.

Operation Killa Muller
The 30-member Delta Force, along with 60 ground lightning troops, began training a month ago to raid a house they built at a US air base outside the Iraqi city of Arbil and made it look like they learned from a laboratory. Accompanied by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the “Caliph al-Daeshi” sometimes comes outside the town of “Barisha” in the north of Syria, and when the informer assured them that he will be there last Saturday, and intends to move from it to another safe house in the city of Jarablus, far from “Barisha” more From 183 kilometers in Aleppo province, they told the Pentagon that sent soldiers to Waller President Donald Trump told the White House that Baghdadi was within reach, and they asked for his signature on Saturday night to carry out what they called Operation Killa Muller in honor of an American human rights activist.

The activist was a humanitarian aid worker in Syria when she was kidnapped by some Da’esh in mid-August 2013 in Aleppo, and summed up by al-Baghdadi for himself.Then she died less than two years later in captivity by the extremist organization, according to Trump quickly and in minutes, took off eight helicopters from the airbases “Arbil” and “Assad” airplanes in Iraq, supported by Apache attack helicopters, in addition to 6 “drones” unmanned warplanes and fighter aircraft took off from Kuwait, has also been placed 5 cruisers and naval destroyers equipped with guided missiles on standby in the Gulf region, then helicopters flew throughout 70 minutes and I arrived home at Parisha at midnight.

The roar of the planes caused a buzz on arrival, pushing a number of ISIS out of a white van parked outside the house to see what was going on. They hurled the helicopters with bullets they fired at them, and two of them responded violently with a barrage of bullets and shells that killed them all. At the same time, Delta Force elements rushed and made a hole in the wall after it was blown up. At the same pit, an Arab translator called on non-combatants to surrender, so he met two men who came out with 11 children.

One man and four women were killed at the door
The fighting in Operation Killa Muller was actually on the ground between five IS militants armed with explosive belts, including four women, wives and relatives of al-Baghdadi, all of whom were killed at the door, as summarized by Al from The Times. What happened.

The “Caliph al-Da’eshi” was also decorated with an explosive belt, followed by a Belgian dog named Conan and has a combat experience of four years, he followed him to a tunnel without a way to escape with two of his children, making them a human shield protect him, and there found “the first Da’esh” himself Inevitably, he made it easy: he blew up his body and killed his two children, both under 12 years old.

The American commandos approached what was left of him after the bombing, and found that his head was completely separated from his body, the rest turned to pieces, carrying what was available with them, and then transferred from the house everything they found useful for investigations and intelligence, in addition to the captive of his nickname Abu Mohammed and his son . The detective who was at home with al-Baghdadi also brought him with them, after he retaliated against al-Baghdadi, who killed a member of his family, intentionally approaching him sincerely, and at the same time provided the Americans with everything that facilitated the liquidation of the most wanted men, and then threw the house where he was With missiles completely destroyed, they finished the story of the world’s first terrorist by two hours at most.