Amnesty International calls for the release of all detainees in Yemen


Amnesty International has called for the release of all detainees in Yemen and the fate of the disappeared.

Amnesty International’s call came against the background of the recent opening of the file of prisoners and abductees, with whom efforts to exchange them have been stalled in accordance with the principle of “all for all”, and the Houthi militias deliberately fragment it into a case for political exploitation.
The call for the release of detainees comes at a time of increasing calls from local and international human rights organizations in Yemen to exert more pressure on Houthi militias to release thousands of detainees who have been imprisoned for years.

This comes as the Association of the abducted mothers said that the Houthi militias continue to abduct civilians in the areas they control, pointing out that the abducted civilians are subjected to torture and enforced disappearance in Houthi prisons.
The association said in a statement that hundreds of abducted civilians are being tortured in Houthi prisons, and their families are subjected to financial and psychological extortion, and revealed that the militias exchanged some of the abducted civilians with prisoners of its fighters.

The association’s statement confirmed that some 189 cases of exchanges of abducted civilians have been observed in exchange for Houthi prisoners captured on the front lines during the past year, and given the circumstances surrounding the released civilians are forced to move away from their families outside militia-controlled areas so as not to be kidnapped again.